2015-2016 Club Officers:

President: Stacey Wright

Vice President: Laura Mays

Secretary: Barry Verdegan

Treasurer: Glenn McNaughton

Past President: Brian Shimon

Board of directors:

Sharon Mason-Boersma (3 yrs)

Mary McNaughton (3 yrs)

Howard Brantmeyer (2 yrs)

Peg Sharpe (2 yrs)

Pat Brestar (1 yr)

Phil Gardner (1 yr)

Current members (as of Nov 2013):

Howard Brantmeyer

Sid Boersma

Laura Mays

Buzz Davis

Shelley Edgington

Peter Herman

Fred Hundt

Glenn McNaughton

Mary McNaughton 

Sharon Mason-Boersma  

Carmen Stout 

Katie Stout 

Peg Sharpe 

Brian Shimon

Barry Verdegan 

Stacey Wright

Pat Brestar

Phil Gardner


Community Service (see list of projects)

  1. Chair:  Stacey Wright

  2.  Barry Verdegan

  3.  Howard Brantmeyer

  4.  Buzz Davis

  5. Glenn McNaughton

Young Child: Priority One (Addresses the needs of children ages 0 – 5 years, such as: Born Learning Trail, books for tots, car seats)

  1. Chair:  Sharon Mason-Boersma

  2.  Peggy Sharpe

  3.  Shelly Edgington

  4. Stacey Wright

Public Relations and Special Events (Provide press releases, pictures, posters, etc for Kiwanis events)

  1. Co-chair:  Barry Verdegan

  2. Co-chair: Laura Mays

  3. Sharon Mason-Boersma

Social/Care (provide relationship building; including social gatherings and acknowledging existing members’ special occasions.)

  1.  Chair:  Sharon Mason-Boersma

  2.   Mary McNaughton

  3.  Shelly Edgington

  4.  Pat Brestar

Strategic Planning (Review & revise as necessary by-laws, mission and vison, as well as defining the organization’s goals, objectives and actions that the club should focus on.)

  1. Chair: Laura Mays

  2.  Mary McNaughten

  3.  Sharon Mason-Boersma

  4.  Stacey Wright

Finance (providing a projected annual budget for the Kiwanis Club of Stoughton)

  1. Chair: Buzz Davis

  2.  Sid Boersma

  3.  Glenn McNaughton

  4. Laura Mays





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